26 lunar day

Symbol: Swamp

No wisdom like silence. It is a day of ekadashi (the 11th day after fullmoon).

Waste efforts are possible, waste of energy for idle talk. There is a great temptation to give way to illusion of your own achievements. Forbear from intensive activity, it is better to relax. Be selective with your contacts.

Influence on health:

Hips and skin are active. Massage and sauna are very healthy. Do not extirpate teeth.

Nutrition tips:

This day is energetically complicated. It is favorable to take delicate vegetable food. Avoid beans. Often this day is simultaneous with Ekadashi. During Ekadashi avoid taking grain and vegetable oils. Have a dinner out of buckwheat and vegetable salad. In the evening drink milk. Use melted butter. Do not take round vegetables. Potato, fish and herb are allowed. Fasting is allowed.


This day is considered unfavorable for any affairs.

- To perform usual work
- To listen to friend’s advices and do not reject them
- To solve simple tasks
- Forachief: donotestablishnewdirectives. If possible let your team perform their usual tasks
- To be neutral and express more sympathy with colleagues
- To take discharge, if you have planned it.
- To give way for self
-deception and temptation
- To demonstratemoderation, will power, calm and sense of humor
- To stand against mood changes
- To stand against one’s influence and to be attentive to what is happening
- To be the most attentive while driving a car
- To do nothing that can harm your business

Not recommended:
- Do not make important decisions
- To carry on work and business
- To travel


This is unfavorable day to constitute a family. If the second day of wedding celebration comes to the 26th lunar day try to cancel it to avoid scandals. It is a suitable time for divorces.
Avoid contacts with new people. Defer planned rendezvous to a later date. If your couple is already stable then support and help your partner.

Stones and minerals:

Jellow nephritis, jadeite, chrysoprase.

Meditation: Silence, supraliminal observation.

Pass this day in silence and solitude. Practice vipassana or “awareness in action” You can also practice breath observation. Prerape for meditation sitting on a heels or half-lotus. Concentrate on the tip of your nose and start to control your breathing for 30 minutes or 1 hour. During the 26th lunar day we can contact Inner Teacher. This day is often simultaneous with Ekadashi day.

During the 26th lunar day Kundalini chakra is active

The dreams:

The dreams in this lunar day can show you a habits from which it would be good to get rid of. If in the dream you saw yourself as a dictator then possible you should reduce your pride. If in the dream your role is small, for example you saw yourself poor, it means you have a very low self-esteem. In this dreams you can see the secret side of your soul. If in the dream you saw a lightning it is a warning that you should tame the pride and vanity. In this day can be a dreams which improve your mood. The dreams in 26-th lunar day can come true, especially if they in color.

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