Moon calendar of meditation

20 January 2017 Friday
23 lunar day
Symbol: Crocodile Makkara
Meditations: Fortress, sparring match, home space cleaning.
For those who practices martial arts or alpinism this is a favorable day to achieve new levels. Perform any cleaning procedure you prefer. Use incense sticks or aroma lamp. You can also bless the room by blessed water and fire the candles. Visualise the process of cleaning. Seat in comfortable pose and imagine how the sun fills your room with its pure beams that cleans it.
During the 23th lunar day the Muladhara chakra is active

21 January 2017 Saturday
24 lunar day
Symbol: Shiva
Meditations: Big buildings, nature, Dao and Tantra practices, working with minerals and jewels; yoga and physical loads.
If you are building the house this day will be favorable for better understanding of well creation.
During the 24th lunar day anus and “Death Gates” chakra are active. This chakra is between anus and genitals, below Svadhisthana chakra (T1 point in Chinese medicine). This is very important point because it is an entry point of Earth energy.

22 January 2017 Sunday
25 lunar day
Symbol: Turtle
Meditations: Your mission awareness, ideals, contact with Guardian-Angel.
Today you can have a dialogue with your Guardian-Angel while dreaming and ask the Merciful Powers to define your mission in this life. Organize yourself before dreaming, call your Guardian-Angel for conversation by the following mantra: Om Mahadevaya Namah (read from 9 to 108 times).

23 January 2017 Monday
26 lunar day
Symbol: Swamp
Meditations: Silence, supraliminal observation.
Pass this day in silence and solitude. Practice vipassana or “awareness in action” You can also practice breath observation. Prerape for meditation sitting on a heels or half-lotus. Concentrate on the tip of your nose and start to control your breathing for 30 minutes or 1 hour. During the 26th lunar day we can contact Inner Teacher. This day is often simultaneous with Ekadashi day.
During the 26th lunar day Kundalini chakra is active

24 January 2017 Tuesday
27 lunar day
Symbol: Trident
Meditations: Praying for another people, getting secret knowledge, spiritual music.
Try to listen peaceful music only, use incense and candles, let the vibration of singing bowl or bell to clean your room and inner space. You can sing favorite mantras or holy word. Listen the “OM” mantra. An important thing of this day is opening of communication channels which can enable insight. The energy of this day can let you understand problems, to see the truth, people or situations. Prayers for another people are favorable. You can use Christian prayers or practice Buddhistic meditation called «Loving kindness» (Metta Bhavana).
During the 27th lunar day Muladhara and Vishudha chakras are active

25 January 2017 Wednesday
28 lunar day
Symbol: Lotus
Meditations: Ideals, candle.
It is favorable day to work with chakras because they are open. Before starting perform physical, emotional and mental cleaning practices. The 28th lunar day is also favorable to work with dreams. During dreaming a man can get afterlight and understand the aim of living, This process happens each lunar month, no matter of our understanding. To work with dreams we have to aware that we are dreaming. But actually we can not operate consciously while dreaming. When we try to do something – the dream stops and we awake. To be conscious while dreaming try to see your arms first. Look at your arms before going to sleep, close your eyes and fall asleep.
During the 28th lunar day Muladhara chakra is active

26 January 2017 Thursday
29 lunar day
Symbol: Hydra
Meditations: House cleaning, negative thoughts transformation, food purification.
If the Moon is not in water signs it is recommended to have cold salt water procedures for the legs. Stay in a footbath no more then 10 minutes. It will clean you from all negative energy. If you will continue procedure further positive energy can flow away also. You can also escape yourself from malefice. Maintain a comfortable temperature of water. Right along all the procedure realize that all negative washes away through the water. If you feel bad this day hold the candle in the left hand. Don’t blow the candle out. It must be burned down. You can cut it for proper length in advance. Do not blow on fire. Quench a candle by the right hand fingers. It is recommended to clean the room this day, use incense sticks, shelf fungus, frankincense, ledum or juniper. The ledum must smolder making enough smoke. The smoke drives the evil away.
During the 29th lunar day Muladhara chakra is active

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