Lunar calendar of meditation - for today, tomorrow and week

November 21, 2017 Tuesday
4 lunar day
Symbol: Tree of Knowledge
Meditations: This day is favorable for sounds and nature interaction.
You can sing mantras for all your three bodies: mental, astral and physical. Mostly be careful with the words you speaking. Training: Going outdoor:
Walk in the park for a while trying to feel any life-form activities: plants, birds, animals, fresh air, the beauty of the sky and clouds. If possible seat by a campfire and try to feel its power. Tune in the Nature breathing its beauty, freshness and energy. Fix this uniting act with a prayer, mantra or song “AUM” singing is favorable.
During the 4th lunar day Vishudha chakra is active (throat)
November 22, 2017 Wednesday
5 lunar day
Symbol: Unicorn
Meditations: Food, future plans and working with the past.
Keep maximum attention when eating, chew slowly and carefully. Choosing what to eat feel your emotions connected with certain food and what part of your body reflects these feelings. Be careful with food volume. Eating food observe and release all strains and bad emotions. If you realize that you have strong emotional affection with food – activate maximum of you awareness.
During the 5th lunar day Adjna chakra is active

November 23, 2017 Thursday
6 lunar day
Symbol: Crane
Meditations: Breathing exercises, mental body purification, sound therapy.
This day you can easily tune in the signs that life shares to you. So keep more attention to wind sounds, a palpitation of the leaves, bird singing, enjoy the harmony of the Nature. sniff the scent of a flower or freshness of winter morning, if its raining breath with ozone. Find the source of natural harmony, feel this energy.
During the 6th lunar day emotion center is active (between the throat and breast)
November 24, 2017 Friday
7 lunar day
Symbol: Wind rose
Meditations: Breathing, working with words.
It’s better less to speak this day, important things only, do not twaddle. Be careful with words choosing and intonation you are speaking. The word can easily be fulfilled this day, so you can choose affirmation, prayer or mantra to work with. Training: Tuning for affirmation
For effective work with mantra, affirmation or prayer choose the right place and time. Seat in a calm and peaceful place, close your eyes and gradually slowing your breath. As your breath becomes deeper the body relaxes and the mind clears. Imagine yourself in the outer space flying without boundaries in emptiness, the body melts away. As you achieve lightness feel the Eternal Love and start to speak positive affirmation. For example: I’m healthy, wealthy and happy. Everyone loves me and I love everyone. I can achieve the purpose in view. To double the effect all mantras, prayers or affirmations should be pronounced aloud. Mantras of welfare are favorable this day (for example mantra devoted Lakshmi).
During the 7th lunar day Vishudha chakra is active
November 25, 2017 Saturday
8 lunar day
Symbol: Phoenix
Meditations: Fire, chemical reaction.
Training: Purification with fire
If possible seat by a woodfire in the evening. Get ready for complete interaction with fire, contemplating tongues of flame and going down into its energy field. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the center of a fire. Feel how it burns out all your negative emotions and clears your energy channels. When you feel it’s enough, imagine that you step out of fire and breath deeply with clear fresh air, you channels are filled with new pure energy, your aura is light and transparent. Realize that your aura and body experiences new chemical reactions which renews your life. Give thanks to the fire for your purification. If making wood-fire is impossible practice the same meditation with candle. Training: Clearing home with fire.
Clear your house using candle walking clockwise three times. Sing prayer or mantra. After clearing you can use pleasing incense to fulfill a new space.
During the 8th lunar day Muladhara chakra is active
November 26, 2017 Sunday
9 lunar day
Symbol: Bat
Meditations: White light, mental purification, forgiveness, astral defense formation, spoiling elimination.
As the 9th lunar day is one of the complicated so avoid meditations and visualization practices. Try not to fall for any provocations. Training: Tuning on white light.
During the morning meditation imagine white light and observe it for some time. When you calm down you can open eyes and do your usual activities. Wherever you are this day use each free time to visualize the white light and concentrate on its quietness. In the evening clean your home with incense sticks, bells or singing bawl. During the 9th lunar day Anahata chakra and breast are active. If you decided not to meditate this day use above-mentioned practices in the other suitable days.
During the 9th lunar day Anahata chakra and breast are active. If you decided not to meditate this day use above-mentioned practices in the other suitable days.

November 27, 2017 Monday
10 lunar day
Symbol: Fountain
Meditations: Family tree
This day is favorable for family line working. You can have dinner with your relatives or during meditation apply to the ancestor of your family line. Each family line has the ancestors who helps and protects you. You can apply to them for support or prompt in difficult situations. You can also ask for their wisdom. Training: Getting help from the ancestors
Prepare for meditation. Calm down, imagine your family line standing behind you (you parents first and then back to the past). At very beginning you can see strong and powerful people, turn to them, greet them kindly and wait for their actions, they smile to you sending a flow of love, peace and joy, wisdom and welfare. You can see how this flux of energy ways through all your family line members and reaches you and your family. You feel the power of this energy and store it in your field. You are under their safe protection. Forward this energy to all alive members, fill them with it . Look at dead ones and fill them with wisdom. See how all negative energy is melting away and doesn’t influence you and your family. See how this pure light of your ancestors highlights your future, feel confidence and protection. Fix the achieved state and then slowly open your eyes.
During the 10th lunar day Svadhisthana chakra is active
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