Moon calendar of meditation

24 April 2017 Monday
28 lunar day
Symbol: Lotus
Meditations: Ideals, candle.
It is favorable day to work with chakras because they are open. Before starting perform physical, emotional and mental cleaning practices. The 28th lunar day is also favorable to work with dreams. During dreaming a man can get afterlight and understand the aim of living, This process happens each lunar month, no matter of our understanding. To work with dreams we have to aware that we are dreaming. But actually we can not operate consciously while dreaming. When we try to do something – the dream stops and we awake. To be conscious while dreaming try to see your arms first. Look at your arms before going to sleep, close your eyes and fall asleep.
During the 28th lunar day Muladhara chakra is active

25 April 2017 Tuesday
29 lunar day
Symbol: Hydra
Meditations: House cleaning, negative thoughts transformation, food purification.
If the Moon is not in water signs it is recommended to have cold salt water procedures for the legs. Stay in a footbath no more then 10 minutes. It will clean you from all negative energy. If you will continue procedure further positive energy can flow away also. You can also escape yourself from malefice. Maintain a comfortable temperature of water. Right along all the procedure realize that all negative washes away through the water. If you feel bad this day hold the candle in the left hand. Don’t blow the candle out. It must be burned down. You can cut it for proper length in advance. Do not blow on fire. Quench a candle by the right hand fingers. It is recommended to clean the room this day, use incense sticks, shelf fungus, frankincense, ledum or juniper. The ledum must smolder making enough smoke. The smoke drives the evil away.
During the 29th lunar day Muladhara chakra is active

26 April 2017 Wednesday
1 lunar day
Symbol: Candle
Meditations: Visualization, mental picture creation, upcoming lunar month planning, candle light concentration, purification with fire.
This day is favorable for purification with fire, mostly when the Moon is in air Sign. All fears and obsessions are burnt. Seat by the open fire or concentrate on candle flame tongue for about 10-15 minutes. When time is up, slowly close your eyes and relax for 5 minutes. Then you can start upcoming lunar month planning.
In the 1st lunar day a region between eyebrows is active (the Third Eye)

27 April 2017 Thursday
2 lunar day
Symbol: Horn of plenty
Meditations: The foreground meditation is about what is favorable for you now and what is not.
You can continue the upcoming lunar month planning in the 2nd lunar day. The energy center connected to this day is under the nose. During the day concentrate your attention at this point at least one minute. Training: The 2nd lunar day practice:
Find a calm and peaceful place, make comfortable atmosphere. Seat in convenient pose, concentrate on your breath, relax your mind and body. Place your arms on the belly and concentrate attention in this region. Try to evoke images. For example, you can visualize a favorite food and to feel the reaction from your stomach – if you feel pleased eat it , if not – abstain from eating. You can imagine situations or certain people and to feel what energy they are translate to you at this moment. After meditation, summarize information and understand what you’d like to change during the upcoming lunar month.

28 April 2017 Friday
3 lunar day
Symbol: Leopard
Meditations: Weapon
The energy of this day helps you to realize the strains in your body aroused as a result of insult, anger, impatience or other negative affection. This is a day of purification of astral body. Relaxation is favorable in this day. Training: Body relaxation.
Prepare for meditation, lay down. Start to concentrate on your breath, move your attention to right leg digits and observe this region, relax it. Slowly move your attention up the leg. If you feel any strain try to understand what kind of emotion «lives» there, breath through this place and relax it by breathing releasing old, accumulated energy. When you finish to observe the right leg at you buttocks move you attention to the left leg and repeat the practice. Then continue to practice the same way with right arm, left arm, loins, back, stomach, breast, head, and mostly with face. Try to relax the whole body, enjoy its lightness free from any strains.
During the 3d lunar day Vishudha chakra is active (throat)

29 April 2017 Saturday
4 lunar day
Symbol: Tree of Knowledge
Meditations: This day is favorable for sounds and nature interaction.
You can sing mantras for all your three bodies: mental, astral and physical. Mostly be careful with the words you speaking. Training: Going outdoor:
Walk in the park for a while trying to feel any life-form activities: plants, birds, animals, fresh air, the beauty of the sky and clouds. If possible seat by a campfire and try to feel its power. Tune in the Nature breathing its beauty, freshness and energy. Fix this uniting act with a prayer, mantra or song “AUM” singing is favorable.
During the 4th lunar day Vishudha chakra is active (throat)

30 April 2017 Sunday
5 lunar day
Symbol: Unicorn
Meditations: Food, future plans and working with the past.
Keep maximum attention when eating, chew slowly and carefully. Choosing what to eat feel your emotions connected with certain food and what part of your body reflects these feelings. Be careful with food volume. Eating food observe and release all strains and bad emotions. If you realize that you have strong emotional affection with food – activate maximum of you awareness.
During the 5th lunar day Adjna chakra is active

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