Lunar calendar

Today 2 September 2014 Tuesday
9 lunar day Waxing moon
Symbol: Bat
starts in 13:39
Be on the watch, discern between situations when evil forces seduce and when the light of truth shines.
That twenty-four hours’ energy emanations influence on humans negatively. It is a day of provocations, take care on trickery and temptations, seduction and illusions, be modest. Better do not start new businesses. People with clear conscience needs not fear of that day.
Influence on health:
Breast is active. One can practice exercises of force. One can also soften the organism for liver cleaning.
Moon in Sagittarius Moon in Sagittarius
Cheerfulness and activity. Good for contracts conclusion and application filing.
Do not overload yourself. A good day for massage. Hand care procedures, manicure. Travelling.
The active organs of the body:
Tighs, veins, sense organs, sciatic nerve.
Advices for woman:

haircut is not recommended today
today is a neutral day for the hair coloring
today is a neutral day for the manicure
epilation is not recommended today
skin cleansing is not recommended today
today is a neutral day for the nail care
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