Waning moon

A favorable day for internals cleansing, cosmetic cleanup, depilation. Sauna or baths are recommended. Surgical manipulations are acceptable. Good for house cleaning. Day of easy and efficient fasting.

Nutrition tips:

Waning moon releases all slags, washes away, relaxes, calls to activity and energy output. You can eat more during this time without gaining weight.


During the waning Moon people become weaker, less enduring, passive, apathetic, nature tonus drops down, no success at work. Any work seems to be hard. Do not give way for pessimism. If your work is important, try not to fix a meeting with potential or existing clients, do not overwork. It is better to do usual monotonic work. It is unfavorable period to start any new projects. Do not ask a chief for a raise. Do not speed up making collective plans or expect decision making from your partner.


Life activity of plants is slowing-up. A good time for transplanting, pruning, yielding and other operations.
It is favorable to seed and set out plants which yielding fruits and other eatable parts above the ground-level.
Near the new moon time perform weeding, grapple with pests.

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