Full moon

A critical point, particularly for women. Emotional and psychic tension is increased. Decision making is not recommended. Surgical manipulation should be avoided. Be careful in action and keep your internal balance. Though, on full moon zodiacal energies are maximally manifested. I.e. on a full moon day your solar zodiacal signs are maximally active.

Nutrition tips:

During the Full Moon it is useful to have one-day fasting. This day, organism is very sensitive, especially to numerous artificial additives which contained much in our food. Tissues are accumulating water faster, connective tissues are getting softer.


During a full moon period the energy is still active, but is gradually decreasing. The first days of this period bring happy and joy. During this period we can enjoy the results ofour previous efforts. Probably you can see something from the other hand, so be ready for changes.


Peak of activity for plants. Do not interfere with its growth.
Do not prune and transplant.
Nutritive quality of fruits and berries picked in this period is the highest.

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