18 lunar day

Symbol: Mirror

The outer reflects the inner.

All occurred to us on that day is a reflection of our inner nature. It is useful to look into yourself and find there reasons of our opinions and actions. Changing your reactions on external world you could transform all your life.

Influence on health:

Kidneys are active. Clean intestine, kidneys; fasting is recommended. Clean skin; massage and bath with good vapor are recommended.

Nutrition tips:

The main product is nut. Avoid meat and strong drinks. Red wine is allowed. In general the ideal day for your body unload. Take more vegetable oil.


This day can be favorable or not depending on your inner state.

- Calm and detailed work
- To solve simple financial matter
- To cancel any important plans
- To be attentive to what happens and what people say to you
- During the first part of day be on guard and don’t participate in any conflict
- To be diplomatic and irregular with opponents
- To pay attention to nuances
- Forachief: tobeattentivetoyourteam. You can find out a good work of some colleagues or detect simulators.
- Do your work carefully and qualitatively
- To keep calm and moderation with colleagues
- To work individually, not in team
- Display your best abilities and work in advance

Not recommended:
- To run your job and complicated projects rashly
- To negotiate
- To be under influence and to agree to concert
- To display too much activity. It will not bring the results
- To go against the stream


On this day it is recommended to abstain from family constitution and performing marriage ceremony this day.
It is recommended to cancel romantic rendezvous or get ready to hear something new about yourself. Pay attention to what your partner says to know more about your relations.
Incidental acquaintances can become unexpectedly perspective.

Stones and minerals:

White agate, opal, lilac amethyst, spinel.

Meditation: Theatre, mirror.

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts This Shakespear’s quote is the best characteristic of meditation for this day. Be attentive and aware with people you associate with – they reflects you. In the evening stay alone and try to analyze your communications, behavior patterns, separate positive from negative, make notes. Then start meditation. Imagine the Sunrise coming slowly up the horizon smile to the newborn sunbeams. They touch your body filling it with joy. See yourself in front of you, feed it with Sun energy, fill with sunlight. This is your Ideal image. When the image is completely filled with light direct this light to yourself, filling your aura and all the cells of your body. Merge with truly You. You are this light indeed. Stay in this state until you realize that all your bodies from physical to mental are filled and merged into single light structure.

During the 18th lunar day Svadhisthana chakra is active

The dreams:

The dreams of this lunar day are a reflection of ourselves. If you dream that you are active and energetic, but in the life on the contrary you are very discouraged and passive, then you must seek a balance. You should try to be active and energetic in some situations and to be patience in the other. If in the dream you are the same as in the life and you have no desire for change yourself, then in your subconscious mind have no contradictions with your ideas about yourself. If the dream pointed to the imbalance and the contradictions in the subconscious mind, then you should write this dream and during 18-th lunar day you need to see what problems will be shown to you and start to work with it. Also the dreams can specify that prevent you live. In this dreams can be hints as to overcome problems including health. Good dream in this lunar day portends you a profit and successful acquisitions.

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