4 lunar day

Symbol: Tree of Knowledge

This is a day of choice between good or evil, in actions and in thoughts.

Solitude is advisable. Gardening, housekeeping, walking, relaxing, communicating with elements are recommended. Group work is not suggested; do not make hasty decisions. Be attentive to sudden provocations and temptation.

Influence on health:

Neck and vocal cords are active. Chanting of sacred songs is advisable.

Nutrition tips:

Delicate, substantial food like vegetable ragout, salads, boiled vegetables are preferable. Sedative herbal tea can bring a favorable effect. Use melissa, chamomile and mint. Make a bakery dough for bread and custard pies.


This time we realize how our actions take effect. There are still grounds for hope to correct mistakes.

- to continue deedsyou’ve started before
- toAnalyzefinancialmattersyou’vestartedduring 2ndand 3dlunardays. Try to find out weak points and correct them
- to Collect, accumulate and process new information
- to Improve production methods
- stepping
-up of production
- trade operations (mostly during the first half of day)
- the second half of day don’t fall for provocation, get into argument and conflicts

Not recommended:
- to start new business
- trade operations (mostly during the second half of day)
- to expect for financial receipts


The energy of this day can evoke hesitation, mixed feeling, inability of compromise. Therefore do not plan wedding ceremony this day. You should better cancel the romantic dates this day mostly if you expect important results. This day people usually prone to apathism and does not perform any life activity. Making invalid conclusion, being careless to each other or saying something offensive is usual thing during this day.

Stones and minerals:

Sardonyx, amazon-stone, green nephritis.

Meditation: Chanting mantras, prayers and sacred sounds.

Interaction with nature is advisable. You may chant mantras for all your three bodies: mental, astral and physical. Be extra careful with your words. Training: Going outdoors: Walk in the park for a while and try to take in all the life energy: plants, birds, animals; feel the fresh breeze, see the beauty of the sky and clouds. Accumulate the natural energy by breathing in its beauty and freshness. If possible, sit by a campfire and feel its power. Secure this uniting with a prayer, mantra or your favorite song. "AUM" singing is favorable today.

During the 4th lunar day the Vishuddha chakra is active (throat).

The dreams:

Dreams this lunar day can come true, especially the ones in color. If last night you saw anything tangled, for instance, thread, hair or some confusing intersection of roads, it is advisable to analyze your existing plans, revise or even reject them. If you met your parents or relatives there, it means you need to analyze problems you might have inherited from them and start working to solve them. If you had a dream about some kind of threat - it is a warning to be extra careful and mindful about your behaviour in your actual life. The images you saw last night specify the weak points in your inner world, your spiritual self. Today you may find out where the majority of your energy is collected on the tree of good and evil. If you recognize that in your real life, accept it as a call to action.

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