2 lunar day

Symbol: Horn of plenty

One can knows what things are necessary by feeling, when eating and contacting with people.

This day is favorable for starting cycles of physical exercises or large educational cycles. Eat only the food you like, follow this principle in your contacts with people as well. Be generous. Do not overeat.

Influence on health:

Mouth and teeth are active. Clean frontal and maxillary (Highmore) sinuses. Healthy diet is favorable.

Nutrition tips:

These days you can make a list of suitable food. See the reaction on each food you take. If you like certain food - it suits you, otherwise do not take it. In general, prefer delicate food. Dry fasting is allowed. Avoid meat and alcohol.


A good day for solving material problems. Neutral day for negotiations and businesslike dialogs. A favorable day for new staff member employment because in that case they have all chances to harmonically join the currentteam. It is very favorable to be a sponsor or patron. Obey the rule “More you give, more you get back”.

- to start any new deed
- to work individually or in team
- to carry on business
- to search a sponsor for your ideas
- everything that connected to education. Start to learn new subjects, enroll for a course, etc
- to set off on a journey or to have a business trip
- to implement a new company policy, perform inner institutional arrangements


This day is one of the best for marriage. Families constituted this day are usually solid and friendly. Fortune favors the marrieds both in interpersonal relations and in social affairs. During this day it is favorable to show concern about relatives, to have dates and to give a present to your beloved partner.

Stones and minerals:

Jadeitis, chalcedony, agate.

Meditation: Observe what is favorable for you now and what is not.

Continue planning for the upcoming lunar period. You may continue planning for the upcoming lunar month on the 2nd lunar day. The energy center connected to this day is the philtrum (the area between nose and upper lip). During the day concentrate your attention on this point a few times for at least a minute. The 2nd lunar day practice: Find a calm and peaceful place, create a comfortable atmosphere. Sit in a comfortable position, concentrate on your breath, relax your mind and body. Place your hands on your belly and concentrate all your attention to this region. Try to evoke images, for example, you may visualize a favorite food and feel the reaction from your stomach: if you feel pleased - eat it, if not - abstain from eating it. You may imagine situations or certain people and try to feel, what energy they transmit to you at this moment. After meditation summarize the information and decide what you'd like to change during the upcoming lunar month.

The dreams:

Dreams on the second lunar night may be pointing you towards the solution to karmic issues, especially, if they began to show themselves in your current life. Therefore, you should be especially careful with these dreams tonight; they will be the blueprint of your work over this month, all further dreams will be the details of this design. It's a favourable day for facing the truth, try to interpret your dreams correctly. Dreams reveal to us what is recorded in our subconscious and control our everyday life. If you discover anything unpleasant or untruthful, be mindful and calmly work with that, which appeared. You may just have empty dreams, which means your tasks are not defined yet. If unpleasant or empty: don't take them too serious, they don't really matter. Before bedtime you can identify the problem, if you want to know how to work with it. If tonight you have a dream, where you can not overcome any obstacles, you will do that easily in your real life.

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