25 lunar day

Symbol: Turtle

Lend ear in silence to the voice of your soul.

This is a passive and meditative day; a period of hypersensitivity, concentration and imagination. You should lend an attentive ear to your inner voice. No hurry.

Influence on health:

Ears are active. Organ cleansing; fasting and breathing practices will make you feel good.

Nutrition tips:

A good day for purification. Fasting is recommended. Do not drink much. Avoid roughage. Mushrooms and melons are not recommended. Take dairy produce, especially curd, but not too much. Custard pies are favorable.


The first half of this day is unfavorable. During this period you tend to be lazy and inactive. However, during the second half of the day you will be able to solve many problems.

It is recommended to:
- avoid teamwork during the first half of the day
- place confidence on your intuition, especially in financial matters, during the second half of the day
- solve simple problems
- discuss current situations
- cancel important negotiations
- work with trading
- be alone and passive. For bosses:
- perform auditing and inventory, look through important documents; things that do not carry a lot of weight
- stay neutral with colleagues
- take a one day vacation.

It is not recommended to:
- hurry
- be active
- sign contracts
- make new contacts
- make important decisions. For employees:
- It is better not to ask for anything from your boss.


It is better to avoid the family constitution this day.
Divorce proceedings can be performed quickly and painless.
Romantic rendezvous are going well but without a lift in feelings
This is the day of solitude and silence. Try to pass this day alone and think over the relations.

Stones and minerals:

Spars, tiger's-eye, howk-eye, cat’s eye, pink marble.

Meditation: Determination for your mission, awareness of ideals, contact with your Guardian-Angel.

Today, while dreaming, you may have a dialogue with your Guardian-Angel and ask the Merciful Powers to define your mission in this life. Before going to sleep prepare yourself for this conversation with the following Christian prayer(1) or mantra(2): 1)Angel of God, my guardian dear, To whom God's love commits me here, Ever this day be at my side, To light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen. 2)Om Mahadevaya Namah (read from 9 to 108 times).

The dreams:

It is believed that this lunar day is a day of prophetic dreams. It is important today to interpret dreams using your intuition. Even if the images of the dream seems very clear and dry you still need to listen to your inner voice. If you had a nightmare, in the morning read a prayer and wash your face with cold running water, let it take away all the bad energy.

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