15 lunar day

Symbol: Fiery serpent

Ascesis, self-discipline.

Today is a full-moon. This is a high energy day. There is a large chance of giving way to temptation, persuasion or laziness. It is advisable to suppress emotions, control your passions and strengthen self-discipline. Behave quietly and peacefully.

Influence on health:

Pancreas and diaphragm are active. It is good to fast or keep a healthy diet.

Nutrition tips:

Take only fresh and quality food. Spicy, hot and lenten food, fresh vegetables and fruits, porridges and herbal tea are very good. Avoid strong tea, coffee, alcohol. For memory improvement use viburnum. Japanese kitchen is recommended. Take beans, barley and kidney bean. Do not take apples, cabbage, garlic, eggs and long vegetables. Paprika, cranberry, red ashberry, nettle and home-made jams are allowed.


The first half of this day is rather complicated. After noon you will have a chance to execute your plans but only if you use your creativity. Despite its complexity, this day forms the foundation for the rest of lunar month and you may already see the results of your efforts from the first part of this period. Successful events or promising new acquaintances are possible.

It is recommended to:
- perform simple actions and not overexert yourself
- buy, sell or trade
- hang on to curious ideas, these may become helpful in the future.

It is not recommended to:
- overload yourself
- demonstrate ambitions
- do any important projects
- shift responsibility to other people
- work with finances
- make any important negotiations
- give into impulsive risks.


This is a very complicated lunar day. Only adult and experienced partners have a chance to constitute a family.
Young couples which are not ready for family constitution can have disappointments.
This is unfavorable day for rendezvous.

Stones and minerals:

Agate, morion, jet.

Meditation: Silence, emptiness, placidity.

The Moon is in its maximum power. The best meditation for this day is silence. Either early in the morning or in the evening time, sit in a comfortable pose and listen to the silence of your mind. Try to stop your thoughts, so they won't disturb you anymore. Your thoughts are like clouds, flying by the clear sky of your mind. Try to keep this balanced feeling as long as possible and don't strain your body. Rejuvenation procedures are favorable today; ideal places for them are natural bodies of water, where you can swim along the moonlight.

During the 15th lunar day the Anahata chakra and chest are active.

The dreams:

Dreams this lunar day might have a very different character, everything will depend on your current state. If you had a bright, good dream it may come true, but only if you keep it a secret. If your dream was heavy it means your current state is imbalanced, take care of yourself. Light or dark - you may use this information to determine what energy is dominant in your subconscious now. Dreams today might be prophetic and provide information about the next lunar month.

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