17 lunar day

Symbol: Shakti

Love and festivity are triumphing.

This is a day of flowering female energy, joy and inner liberty. Today is favorable for love, marital relations or pairing up in general. It is a good time for festivities, parties, merriment and freeing your mind.

Influence on health:

Kidneys are active. Favorable day to practice strength asanas (poses).

Nutrition tips:

This day is for gourmands, but do not overeat. It is important to prepare something special , unusual, tasty. The best time for experiments. Any food and red wine is allowed. Grape and exotic fruits are very favorable.


A favorable and harmonious day, mostly the first half. A good time to use your energy potential. Enlightenment and revelation are possible. A day of inspiration for creative persons. The energy is so joyful and festal that no important deeds should be done.

- Communication, meeting with friends, outstandingacquaintances
- creative effort
- to perform presentations and advertising campaign
- to present new project to a chiefs. It will be approved.
- Team work
- To carry on money transactions
- To have a rest or holyday making energy reservoir for the rest part of month
- To forget about any troubles

Not recommended:
- To solve important problems
- To carry on large
-scale negotiations
- To do important deed (otherwise it should be reworked)
- To implement your plans at the second half of a day


This day is a favorable for wedding festivals and jubilee.
It is good if young couple will go honeymoon trip right after official part of celebration.
Couples created during the 17th lunar day are usually lucky. Partners will have enough energy to live actively and to have mutual understanding. There will be always many guests, music and laugh in their house.
A favorable day for rendezvous. You can pass it merely among your friends or organize something special.
Female energy grows up this day therefore dancing, sex, or any other intercommunion between partners is the most favorable.

Stones and minerals:

Transparent amethyst, corvine eye and hawk’s-eye, zirconium.

Meditation: Dance, joy.

Dao and Tantra practices. Upon waking up you may perform laugh meditation: before opening your eyes start laughing. It might be difficult at the very beginning, and your laugh might sound forced, but soon it will become natural. After you received the joy from laughing, start the new day and share your smile with the World. This day is favorable for the revelation and consolidation of female energy. Dancing is recommended today.

During the 17th lunar day the Hara chakra is active.

The dreams:

The 17th lunar day is associated with all female energy including its sexual aspect. Therefore your dreams reflect the harmony of your realized sexual energy. Dreams may show to what degree your sexuality is being suppressed. Please, understand that we're not talking about sexual fantasies but about the ability to creatively realize your sexuality through communication with the opposite sex. So if you managed to determine the level of sexual tension, try to find a creative application for this energy. If dream were pleasant then chances are your energies are doing well, if unpleasant then pay more attention to these aspects. Dreams of this lunar day may fortell success or otherwise come true in three days.

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