12 lunar day

Symbol: Heart

Love can open heart.

Feelings of love, compassion and charity. It is favorable to pray and clean your thought. It is possible to achieve a revelation. Good day for contacts with people, an ideal one for marriage. Danger of that day is feeling of pity.

Influence on health:

Lend your ear to the heart. It is a day for cleaning upper airways, heart, lungs and liver. Drink abundantly.

Nutrition tips:

Drink much today. It is favorable to drink cough out tea to clean lungs. Eat fruit juices (except apple juice), nuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils. Avoid roughage, eggs, fish and meat. Alcohol and nicotine should be completely excluded. Perform juice therapy.


Calm and peaceful day.

- to negotiate
- to ask for help
- to keep will power, moderation, brass and honesty at work
- to be able to settle a matter of arguments, to level down conflicts, to find a compromises
- to solve financial matters, to mortify
- to wish yourself the fulfillment of desires in mind, to ask for something

Not recommended:
- do not overwork
- to start new deeds and to do important things
- serious work and an affair of moment
- to hustleandbustle


This is one of the best day to constitute a family for partners of any age. Couples created in the 12th lunar day are usually fortunate and seldom ends with divorce.
This is the best time for wedding ceremony.
This day take maximum care of your partner and try not to offend him. A good day for rendezvous.

Stones and minerals:

Lazurite, yellow coral, nacre, pink pearl.

Meditation: Water, heart.

Try to seat near the water (river, sea, lake or fountain). If the water is calm imagine how your emotions are calming down, merge with this tranquility, imagine yourself as a water. When ripples occur and then melts see how your emotions melts too and you are filling with peace. Accept the wisdom which water brings you this day. If you are near the river, hear the answers from running water and release all anxiety. If there’s no water around you listen to the sounds of water. Lay down, relax, picture yourself on a beach, listening the sounds of the sea. The sea calms you. The water carrying away all the troubles, sadness and worry. You are falling deep into your essence and you getting peace, calm, harmony. Sunlight feeds your body, you’re starting to shine and filling with happiness. Keeping this feeling slowly awake, open your eyes and stretch your body. Also it’s favorable to perform meditation for the heart. Heart is not only a center of love, feelings but also has healing features.

During the 12th lunar day Anahata chakra and heart is active

The dreams:

Dreams in 12-th lunar day can show which values you give more importance in everyday life. If in the dream you see a material values, then your spiritual life is slighted and the material aspect prevails. If you see mainly a spiritual images, then your material world is slighted and you have no balance between material and spiritual in your life. It means that you need to make an effort to balance between material life and spiritual life. If you belong to those people who are on the spiritual way, on this lunar day a dream can be a revelation. Also on this day can be a dreams that don't really matter.

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