1 lunar day

Symbol: Candle

This is a day of creative projects planning.

It is not recommended to start new projects; current affairs would be better postponed. Things planned on this day should be successfully accomplished. Do not overload yourself physically and emotionally. Reduce contacts with people.

Influence on health:

Head is active, particularly brain. Clean frontal and Highmore sinuses. Make procedures for eyes.

Nutrition tips:

Vegetarian diet is recommended. Avoid hot, spicy, fattening food. Strong tea, coffee or alcohol is not recommended.


It is recommended to:
- make a business plan for the upcoming month
- brainstorm general strategies for your activities
- make an attentive analysis of your personal state of being
- find new ways to realize your ideas.

It is not recommended to:
- start any activities which can lead to instability
- make serious decisions or negotiations
- repay or incur debt
- purchase or sell anything
- open any financial matter (sign documents, visit bank office, exchange currency, wait for financial income, etc. )
- meet with partners or signing contracts.


During the new moon it is not favorable to check in Civil Registry Office and have a wedding feast. It is better to stay in peaceful place and to think over.
It is the best time for planning the wedding ceremony.
During the first lunar day do not have a date in noisy and crowdy places, choose the quiet one.

Stones and minerals:

Diamond, rock crystal.

Meditation: Visualization, planning for the upcoming lunar month, candlelight concentration, purification with fire.

This day is favorable for fire purifications, mostly when the Moon is in Air Sign. All fears and obsessions will be burnt. Sit by the open fire or concentrate on a candle flame for about 10-15 minutes. When time is up, slowly close your eyes and relax for another 5 minutes. Afterward, you may start planning for the upcoming lunar month.

During the 1st lunar day the Third Eye (an area between eyebrows) is active.

The dreams:

On the 1st lunar day, before you go to sleep, tune yourself into your most ambitious plans and desires for the upcoming lunar month, but they must be constructive, otherwise you might hurt yourself. Tonight you may have dreams, which will show you what to expect next month, but these dreams are just sketches. As a rule, bad dreams are rare on the 1st lunar day. So, if you do not like the dream, don't get upset; try to analyze it, make a conclusion and release it. If in your dream you see something you want in your real life, do not forget to include it in your plan for the lunar month. These plans have to be written every New Moon; some of the dreams can then be fulfilled.

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