Moon in Cancer

Elevated emotionality, exercise diplomacy.

It is advisable to have a good sleep. Strengthen above-listed organs. Stones can be lead out. Consume light food. One can visit cosmetologist, stomatologist.

The active organs of the body:

Breast, lungs, stomach, liver, gallbladder, nervous system.

Nutrition tips:

Days of water. Active element is water. Corresponding part of plant for that Sign is leaf. During these days the carbohydrates has its best quality, that favorably influences upon nervous system. Bread and baking are favorable. Full-bodied persons should take digestible bread or avoid flour confectionery at all.


Demonstrate diplomacy because these days people are usually sensible, vulnerable, sentimental, emotional imbalanced, unsociable. Carry on realty affairs and antique sales. If you are involved into legal proceeding, it can be successfully finished. Do not build a new construction, accommodate with a loan, make a contracts. A favorable period for advertising campaigns and sea travel.


This period is very romantic, people become more sensitive, sentimental, and dreamy. Contacts with the opposite sex become more warm-hearted and emotionally filled. During the Moon in the Cancer love cherishes tender but not passion. Demonstrate compassion, care, credence to your partner. Emotional unity, caress and tenderness strengthen the relations. Control your feelings and emotion because of increased vulnerability and sensibility. High probability to be under irrelevant influence. Relations between people are usually long-term and often lead to marriage.


Days of Cancer – the days of leaves with descending energy.
One of the most fertile sign.

Set the moisture-loving and decorative foliose plants.
Perform forming pruning and grafting of orchard and bushes.
Set leaf vegetables.
Water indoor plants.

Set and seed large-statured plants.
Crop dry branches of orchards and bushes.
Perform vegetable preservation.

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