Jupiter Retrograde in Libra

Now Jupiter is in the retrograde period, which will last until middle of June, and it is in the sign of Libra also.

Retrograde Jupiter helps us to shift the attention from external events to inner life. It is like 'expanding inwards'.

At this time you should pay more attention to your inner world, to the spiritual aspect of life.

It is very important sometimes to leave all your affairs and immerse yourself in your inner world. And to meditate, pray, contemplate.

It is not for nothing that since ancient times one day of the week has been dedicated to the God, to the releasing from outer life and the restoration of relation with the Divine.

The energy of Libra brings balance between the spiritual and the material aspects of life.

Extremes, both toward to external material life, and to inner world (like 'renunciation of worldly life'), are distortions.

Commensurability and balance are important in all, and the most important component of life's harmony is the balance between the material and the spiritual.

It is very important that our efforts in spiritual search are concordant with our outer life and our circumstances.

And to find the necessary balance helps the intuition. Our inner self always knows exactly how much energy to destine the circumstances, and how much to internal processes. The main thing is to learn how to listen to your intuition, the quiet unobtrusive voice of which manifests itself as soon as our mind calms down.

Also, the working with the element of Air is very useful for finding the inner balance.