Full Moon on August 15, 2019

The Full Moon on August 15, 2019 occurs at 12:29 UTC.

At the time of Full Moon the Moon will be in sign of Aquarius, and the Sun will be in sign of Leo.

The energy of Aquarius gives the opportunity to go beyond the internal confines, to feel the spirit of freedom and turn around for a new understanding.

Leo gives energy that promotes self-awareness, the disclosure of personality, the development of leadership.

Strength appears for a revolutionary turn to the New.

At the external level it can be manifested as a desire to express brightly oneself in clothes, change one's appearance.

At the internal level we can begin to intuitively feel that the whole world is divine, each person is individual and unique, that the world is not confined only to the framework that society and circumstances offer us.

One of the important points of this Full Moon is the compilation of life program.

Do not miss this opportunity and pay attention to your true values and goals, as well as understand how they can be achieved in the current circumstances.

During this Full Moon exaggerated self-expression can block the perception of higher energies and lead to emotional stress, bring disharmony into the field of our surroundings.

Like any other, this Full Moon should be carried out in a calm atmosphere, listening to your Soul and concentrating on the perception of Higher meanings.

Even if you concentrate for only 5 minutes at the moment of the Full Moon, this will be enough to touch the Divine and open the way to a new awareness.

Be aware and happy !