Full Moon December 3, 2017

December 3, 2017 at 15:46 GMT the Full Moon will come.

The Sun at this time will be in Sagittarius and the Moon will be in Gemini.

The Moon will be at minimum distance from the Earth and therefore it will seem bigger and brighter.

The period of full moon energy will continue from 1 till 5 December.

These days the Sun and the Moon will be in a non-harmonious aspects with Neptune, that increases the likelihood of falling into illusion.

The pessimism and disbelief in yourself are possible.

In the world there will be a big information flow, which will contain not only useful information, but smam also.

The pessimism and disbelief in yourself are possible.

For creative people these days will pass well.

The intuition will have increased at this time and will help us to understand ourselves better.

Unexpected cancellations of scheduled trips are possible.

On the full moon day Mercury will begin the retrograde motion - it means that we will need to return to already known.

The retrograde Mercury will begin to check our plans and arrangements for strength.

The pleasant moment of this Full Moon is that Venus comes closer to the Sun - this aspect will awaken the subject of love and relationships.

In the days of Full Moon from us will require the maximum balancing of own energies.

The day of the Full Moon will allow to change the emotional and psychoenergetic state.

The hours of the Full Moon should be spent in a quiet home environment.

You can meditate, read a book.

It is better go to bed early, relax more and look inside yourself.

The rise of active energy is expected from December 5.