Zen-Master: mobile application for Android

Zen-Master is application for enhancing the awareness during everyday life and increasing the continuity of your consciousness.
The process of training is carried out with the help of `cues`, which during the day are generated by the application for the special algorithm psymoct-zen.
Psymoct-zen algorithm is based on your personal neuro-rythmological characteristics which increase the training effect.
Zen-Master is using the concepts of B.Skinner ("Teaching machines and programmed learning") and I. Shmelev ("The third signal system. Section Divine"), that allows to speed up the process of mastering the required skills.
The training course lasts for 7 days and each training day has special parameters.
Instead of psymoct-zen algorithm you can choose optional interval of hint generation. In this case the hints will be generated in regular period of time during the day.
As `cues` you can select one of the given subjects for meditation or can input any your subject or can ask a random set of zen koans-riddles.
Using Zen-Master helps you to enhance the continuity of your consciousness, to increase the awareness during everyday life and to develop the ability to stay in meditation during the day.
Also you can use Zen-Master for applied purposes such as to developing of certain personal character or useful habit.
Practicing concentration on a selected subject during 7 days can take powerful effect and can change your life.
Improve yourself and live in Harmony!

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