Astrological forecast for June 2022

Active start of June thanks to Mars in Aries

Here, Mars will bring a spark, optimism, and cheerfulness, add a positive attitude in life, and give us the will and persistence to achieve our goals.

Such Mars is good for sports, different activities, and exercises for endurance. This is a good time for intensive workouts, physical exertion, hiking, and starting a new cycle of physical activity.

Venus is in Taurus since the start of June

Here, Venus is in her sign, that s why it shows her best qualities.

The Venus transit through Taurus is good for creativity, paying attention to beauty and art.

It s also worth paying attention to yourself and your sensual sphere. Remember to make yourself feel good and get pleasure from what you love.

At this time, you can treat yourself to delicious food. Devote time to your style: choose beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories, and home decor. A particularly good time for purchasing these things will be after June 3.

On June 3, Mercury retrograde will leave Taurus

In such a position of Mercury, you may not think very fast, but you ll think thoroughly and about important things only.

It s good to deal with important issues related to real estate, buying shares, and investing money. It s also good to ponder on how to achieve the desired result and how to properly allocate the resources.

It may be important to be attentive to purchases because it becomes easier to see the quality of the goods.

Such Mercury doesn t give us quick solutions but helps to analyse everything carefully.

On June 5, Saturn retrograde enters the sign of Aquarius

Saturn will be in retrograde motion until October 23, 2022.

When transiting through Aquarius, Saturn becomes softer and more forgiving.

In its retrograde motion, Saturn will add some inertia to the relations with your colleagues.

During such a period, it may not always be easy to come to an agreement with colleagues, like-minded people, friends, and relatives. There may be delays or inconsistencies if contracts are poorly administered.

It may be more difficult to implement projects that aren t fully developed. The unfinished processes can come to the surface and slow down the implementation.

The movement of Saturn retrograde through Aquarius can raise the unfinished processes in joint projects, offering to finish them, redo some of their parts, or start over.

On June 13, Mercury transits into the sign of Gemini

Mercury feels at home in Gemini. It adds ease and flexibility in communication, negotiations and trips.

At this time, information can be easily perceived and understood, but it also quickly disappears.

This is a good time for new acquaintances, networking, finding new clients, education and solving simple issues with documents.

Full Moon on June 14

The Moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius, and the Sun will be in Gemini.

During this Full Moon, we learn to build the right relationships with ourselves, with the people around us, and the space around us.

Gemini gives energy to demonstrate the qualities of mutual understanding and cooperation.

Gemini energy adds to the flexibility of the mind, which helps to realise duality in different pairs of opposites.

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Summer Solstice on June 21

The Summer Solstice is one of the most important and sacred points of the year.

When the Summer Solstice starts, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, symbolising the birth of the Divine Principle in the material world.

This day is filled with the powerful energy of light and fire.

On this day, you can make your dearest wishes, fill yourself with the energy of the Sun, and work with the elements.

This is one of the most important days for performing spiritual practices. Try not to miss favourable moment !

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On June 23, Venus transits into the sign of Gemini

Venus in Gemini increases the desire to communicate and meet new people. It adds to the beauty of speech. It helps to express your thoughts more eloquently.

During this period, you may want to go on vacation or travel.

At this time, it s good to pay attention to purchases, which are simple and beautiful. It s good to buy dresses and natural cosmetics, do easy hairstyles, and create a romantic look.

From June 28, Neptune starts its retrograde motion in Pisces

And it will stay in this position until December 4, 2022.

Neptune in Pisces has a strong position and its influence on us is great.

Its retrograde nature can both plunge us into illusions and fantasies even deeper and give clear understanding and awareness of our illusions.

During such a period, it s good to immerse yourself in learning more about your psyche and inner world. Try to see and understand where your thoughts and feelings are, where your body is, and where the Self is.

During this period, it s useful to distinguish mine/not mine . It s good to learn to tell the real from unreal, objective from subjective.

New Moon in Cancer on June 29

This New Moon makes us focus on our ability to see the bright side of life while being caught in a sea of circumstances.

The stars show us accumulated distortions related to the wrong use of our resources, distortions in the understanding of materialistic principles, abandoning your kin, and the concept of mother, family, and kinship.

Starting new projects and making unprepared self-presentations are not recommended during this New Moon. It s better to finish the already launched projects and outline the details of their implementation.

It s great to work with creative projects. There may be new ideas and luck in the following spheres: beauty, fashion design, art, fashion, and cosmetics.

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