Astrological forecast for August 2022

The unpredictable start of August

The start of August is going to be unpredictable. There may be unexpected actions, as a result of both individual actions and at the global level.

There may be unexpected outbursts of accumulated internal aggression, resentment, or disappointment.

With proper self-control, this energy can be positively directed to completely new actions. It s important to act by instinct and feel the direction of your development at this time.

Mars in Taurus from 1 to 20 August

During the movement of Mars in the sign of Taurus, activity and actions slow down. There may appear some laziness, inertia, or slowness when you do something.

When in Taurus, Mars is calmer and more peaceful. It makes us do everything in a calm manner, efficiently, and beautifully.

In case of danger, such a position allows huge power to appear and to protect one s territory and property.

At this time, a tendency to the pleasures of the body and self-gratification may appear.

During the movement of Mars in Taurus, it s good to deal with questions related to household management, real estate, handicraft, agriculture, applied and jewellery art.

Mercury in Virgo from 4 to 26 August

Mercury in Virgo helps to do everything carefully and diligently. At this time, it will be easy to make calculations, write detailed plans, and dig to the roots.

During such Mercury, all the little things and nuances become important.

When negotiating, signing documents, and learning something new, the ability to focus on the core and details increases.

Also, criticality, pickiness, and pedantry may increase.

At this time, it s good to put your documents and notes in order, sort everything out, organise and make catalogues, clean out closets, and declutter your house and workplace.

Venus in Leo from August 11 to September 5

During this period, the bright Venus gives us the opportunity to express our royal side and find our unique and original image. It helps to show oneself as an individual.

At this time, there may be a desire to raise your status, take a higher position in society, or introduce yourself more in a more exclusive and upper-class manner.

However, at the same time, pride and arrogance may increase.

When Venus moves in Leo, the craving for more expensive, high-quality, and branded items appears.

This is a great time for creativity, working with your personal style, buying expensive items, and creating a brighter personal style, performances, gaming, and entertainment events.

The Full Moon in Leo on August 12

During this Full Moon, the Moon will be in Aquarius and the Sun will be in Leo.

In this sign, we become self-determined and aware of our individuality and originality. We discover our inner core. We recognize our Soul.

We begin to understand we need to learn not to lose ourselves to successfully interact the others.

During this Full Moon, we can improve true leadership qualities. For a leader, it s important to have a backbone and an internal support system. Self-sufficiency and independence are important.

At this time, it s important not to put pressure on people and force them to act, you need to try to show more tolerance.

It s also important to be attentive to your inner discoveries that bring emotional satisfaction.

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Mars in Gemini from August 20

Mars in Gemini adds to the impulsiveness in communication.

Haste in drawing conclusions may become more frequent. Harshness and all-or-nothing thinking in expressing your opinion may appear.

Change of opinion is likely. There may appear uncertainty and a tendency to change your mind.

At this time, disputes, conflicts of opinion, and arguments may appear more often.

With this position of Mars, it can be difficult to finish the job. You may need to make efforts and will to finish what you started.

At such a time, various kinds of information are quickly digested. Improvisation and ingenuity appear and common sense and acumen increase.

Mercury will transit into the sign of Libra on August 26

When in Libra, Mercury gives us a diplomatic way of thinking and the ability to find compromise solutions. It gives us the ability to negotiate and awakens the desire to negotiate nicely and gracefully. It increases our desire for knowledge.

Communication at this time is usually more calm and peaceful.

In such a period, it s easier to avoid sensitive issues and conflicts in conversations, correspondence, and commercial and contractual issues.

At this time, it s possible to find solutions to those issues where previously there was no agreement, common ground, or compromise.

Jupiter will be retrograde in Aries the entire August

When Jupiter is retrograde in Aries, it tends to increase our idealisation of ourselves, our leadership qualities, and our ambitions.

There may appear an illusion about one s authority, virtue, morality, and worldview.

There may be a lot of ideas and understanding, but it will be difficult to show them.

Favourable opportunities and possibilities are only at the stage of maturation during such a Jupiter.

This time is suitable for rethinking, deeper immersion in the sphere where you want to have an influence, show your best side, and achieve success and patronage.

Also, during such a period, everything related to the law, higher education, and foreign trips may be slowed down or postponed.

Saturn will be retrograde in Aquarius the entire August

Saturn retrograde gives us a tendency to double-check our relationships with friends and relatives, colleagues, and like-minded people. Criticism, coldness, and detachment when communicating with people may increase.

This position increases isolation. Self-criticism may increase. Limiting beliefs living inside are getting stronger.

It may be more difficult to follow the order, and stick to structure and discipline. But the issues of internal self-organisation and discipline will be in the spotlight.

There may be a contradiction between how I think and how I act .

Uranus in Taurus from 1 to 24 August

Uranus in Taurus gives us revolutionary ideas at the materialistic level. The powerful energy of Uranus rebuilds it in the most unexpected, unpredictable, and extraordinary way.

It s important to be simply ready for change and be able to adapt to the global changes that the Planet brings.

On August 24, Uranus moves to retrograde motion

Uranus retrograde will decrease the speed of change and direct energy to rethink what has already happened.

During this period, it s good to analyse the new global trends. First of all, it s important to pay attention to the change in the financial side of your life, the new ideas that have appeared recently, and the scientific discoveries and developments made within the past year.

During this period, you need to show common sense. When analysing anything, it s important to rely on truth and facts and separate them from personal opinions and different beliefs.

Neptune will be retrograde in Pisces the entire August

When Neptune is in Pisces, it has a strong position: it gives a person the opportunity to experience the depth of comprehensive Divine love, creativity, mutual understanding, and compassion.

During the retrograde movement of Neptune in the sign of Pisces, the emotional sphere begins to fade. Apathy and absent-mindedness may appear. It becomes easier to indulge in bad habits.

At this time, it will be easy to escape to a dream world, stay in illusions, be influenced by information, and fall under the influence of people who know how to manipulate.

Dreams can awaken deep subconscious memories.

This period is great for immersion in the creative process, unlocking the subconscious, working with dreams, and establishing a connection with your divine essence.

At this time, it s important to go to bed on time and be creative, especially in drawing, singing, dancing, and music.

Pluto will be retrograde in Capricorn the entire August

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn can cause dissatisfaction with your bosses, your current position, and your work.

Such a position brings a feeling of dissatisfaction with what is happening, authorities, powerful and influential people, and discipline and circumstances that are imposed on us.

During such a period, will, power, and strength interfere in the internal processes of any system. Whether it s your work, your country, or your family, cataclysms within these systems can cause unpleasant extremes of an explosive nature.

At this time, it s advised to review the order at work and home by taking into account your attitude to it.

Although there is almost nothing that a person can do with the influence of Pluto, it s better to analyse the balance of power by thinking about where energy is applied, where there is suppression coming from you, where you find yourself under pressure, and what has a strong influence on you.

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27

The New Moon in Virgo is associated with a lot of small things and details.

It can encourage us to deal with different tasks and make us busy.

During this New Moon, it will be important to tune in to the ability to see meaning in what you do.

Not everything we do is necessary and important. We often overload ourselves with unnecessary and petty worries that consume our time, attention, and strength.

Virgo s energy allows you to make more thorough and thoughtful plans than usual, and you can take advantage of this.

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