Astrology forecast for September 2021 - monthly Horoscope

On September 10, Venus transits into the sign of Scorpio where it stays until October 7

Such a position of Venus will make the relationships between partners complicated, increase impulsiveness and passion.

On one hand, the neglect towards norms of social behavior, anger, impatience, and haste may increase at this time.

On other hand, religious feelings, intuition, providence may strengthen.

A person may crave something that is not useful for him at this time. The need for drive and thrill increases.

This period is beneficial for doing active sports, dancing, or devoting time to one s hobby that will be able to turn the turbulent energy of Venus in Scorpio into positive creativity.

On September 15, Mars transits into the sign of Libra where it stays until October 30

Such a position of Mars will activate the necessity of putting things in life in order with the use of some compromise.

It may be difficult to say no in certain moments. Difficult to define the goals. The interests of other people may be perceived as our own.

There will be a tendency to fluctuate between assertiveness and the desire to please other people while sacrificing your own interests.

Autumnal Equinox is on September 22, 2021

Autumnal Equinox will arrive on September 22, 2021, at 20:20 UTC.

Autumnal Equinox is the strongest point of the year where the new rhythms overlap the next quarter of the year. At this time, Sun enters the sign of Libra.

This year, this transition point is colored with the bright indication that all the thoughts, ideas, feelings, and actions should be measured with a certain inner truth, consciousness, potential, and possibilities. Otherwise, everything that we agree on without this measuring and everything that doesn t correlate, would lie deep in our subconsciousness, have consequences, and resolve for a long time.

Fabulous luck is given on this day to get rid of karma of the past and close the debts of the past. However, you will need to show perseverance and responsibility for successful work with the past.

On this day, we will be granted a great influx of vitality and energy, and it is important not to miss it, but to store it in the reservoirs of physical, emotional, and mental health.

It is advisable to understand your goals and understand that there should not be many goals, but if they are set, then they need to be achieved by approaching them with full responsibility. There will be a demand for the goals set and not achieved.

The energies of the autumnal equinox favor liberation, purification, and relief. They help to understand the reasons for failures and disappointments.

This is the day when summer fruits need to be stored for the winter. At this time, we extract all the positive things from our experience over the past time and put them in the bins both on the physical level and on the energy level.

It is worth taking into account that in order for the energy that is given by the Cosmos to be accepted, it is necessary to make personal efforts, it will not remain by itself, but will dissolve in everyday life.

Until September 27, Mercury keeps its motion in Libra

Such a position of Mercury brings easiness in communication and negotiations. At this time, a mind becomes more lively, calmer, contact, light, and open.

The period of such Mercury is good for any meetings and contacts.

However, at this time, a change of decision is possible. It may be difficult to stick to one point of view in some questions.

Lilith is in Gemini

Lilith in September moves in the sign of Gemini together with the Northern Node, which is in the opposition to the Southern Node in Sagittarius.

This points to the necessity of dealing with the mistakes of the past, which are related to the spheres of relationships and goal-setting.

All transuranic planets are in retrograde motion

Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius

Jupiter retrograde helps with communication with supervisors and supports us in reviewing our job duties. Also, it assists with professional development and learning foreign languages.

There is no need to hurry, reveal your impulsiveness, and make thoughtless actions during the period of Jupiter retrograde.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn retrograde can add the energy for shaping new habits, building a new lifestyle, professional development.

It is not desirable to show any light-mindedness and commit thoughtless actions during Saturn retrograde.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus

With such a position of Uranus, we have the task of reviewing our relationships with money and shaping a new approach toward our financial abundance.

During this period, we keep learning to bring the novelties into our lives, adapt to a rapidly changing world, catching the most original and effective solutions for ourselves.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Such a motion of Neptune has a good impact on the right hemisphere of the human brain, which is very beneficial for creativity. This time gives us the possibility to find creative solutions and boost our imagination.

During this period, it is better to avoid excessive immersion into bad experiences. If any complicated condition occurs, it is better to seek the professional help of a psychologist.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

Such a position of Pluto is good for analysis of the mistakes of the past and making deep conclusions.

It is good to review the spheres where too much effort is applied and where stubbornness is revealed.

Pluto retrograde allows to cat aside everything unnecessary.

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