Astrology forecast for November 2021 - monthly Horoscope

The beginning of November will be quite active and tense. The topic of independence will be relevant, however, it may be difficult to get this independence. As a result, self-suppression is likely to happen.

Try not to forget about rest and relaxation during this period.

Although the beginning of November is going to be very powerful, it s recommended to start doing something after November 12. However, making important decisions is possible during the whole month.

On November 5, there will be the New Moon in Scorpio

The energy of this New Moon is quite replete and active, it s very important to plan your future on this day.

On November 5, Venus enters the sign of Capricorn

At this time, Venus becomes more vulnerable, shy.

With such a position of the planet, it s better to make decisions with your family. To develop your cultural skills. To pay attention to the study of art.

It would be good to organize the space of your home. To arrange the belongings. To create outfit combinations. To bring beauty into the habitual and ordinary.

On November 6 - 24, Mercury is in Scorpio

This time is great for active negotiations. All business matters can be resolved easily.

Teamwork is favorable during such a period. By working together, it is possible to achieve a lot.

When talking to people, it s better to be cautious. It s important to think before speaking. Conflicts, criticism and sharpness can arise quite easily.

It s better to avoid discussing controversial topics. It s better to keep your secrets and never discuss the secrets of others. Try to avoid mockery and sarcasm.

Such a position of Mercury gives a clearer and sharper view of things. It will be possible to see hidden details, nuances that previously seemed to be insignificant when making a deal or negotiating.

November 19 - the Full Moon and Eclipse

The Full Moon will occur in Scorpio. It also coincides with the partial lunar eclipse.

This eclipse will open the Eclipse Season (Corridor), which will last until December 4, 2021.

During this period, it is recommended to pay attention to your inner growth, draw conclusions and finish the things you had started a long time ago.

All deals, negotiations, and meetings happening during this period will be of significant importance and can last for a long time. That is why it s advised to be attentive and cautious.

Also, Neptune ends its retrograde motion on this day.

It may result in poor sleeping or increased fatigue. Distraction, lack of attention, increased sensitivity may appear as well.

It s recommended not to miss new opportunities during this time. It s better to be open to communication and new contacts. One should show more democracy. It s important to hear another person out and listen to what other people say. It s better not to impose your opinion. During this time, it s so easy to hurt someone s self-esteem and ruin all agreements by your actions.

On November 24, Mercury transits in the sign of Sagittarius

It will become easier to negotiate, communicate and come to an agreement.

At this time, the tendency to expand one's horizons increases.

A person will be more open and receptive to new information.

Haste and impulsiveness should be avoided. It is advisable not to forget about the details and not to miss the essential parts.

In November, Mars stays in Scorpio

It gives will, energy and strength for new achievements. It also increases ambitiousness, decisiveness, and courage.

In November, Saturn and Jupiter stay in the sign of Aquarius

It makes social life, contacts, and the lives of groups brighter. It increases the responsibility of all participants involved in the process. And it brings understanding that the success of the whole project depends on its participants.

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