Astrology forecast for May 2021 - monthly Horoscope

Mercury in Gemini

On May 4, Mercury is entering the sign of Gemini, where it will stay until the end of May in direct motion, and since May 30, it will be in retrograde motion. Mercury will be in retrograde motion until June 23.

The position of Mercury in May brings us liveliness and mobility of mind, increase of acumen and ingenuity. The desire to learn, socialize and exchange information appears.

During such a period, it might be easy to find the answers for many questions and fruitfully surf in the sea of information.

This is a beneficial time for business, commerce, negotiations.

During this period, it would be easier to look at complicated things with humour, as Mercury is making communication easier and more direct.

This time can be used for assessment of old convictions.

Mind becomes more flexible, and it becomes easier to refocus from one s ingrained views and beliefs.

Venus in Gemini

On May 9, Venus is entering the sign of Gemini, where it will stay until June 2.

Friendly Venus in May will bring ease in communication, desire to travel, socialize, get acquainted with new people.

Such a position of Venus increases the eloquence and makes speech more poetic and sublime.

This time is beneficial for coach sessions, psychological training, artistic activities and public speeches.

The desire for freedom, for broadening horizons through traveling and acquaintance with new places and towns increases.

The need for attention from other people increases.

When experiencing mood swings, it s advised to have a rest in a cozy atmosphere.

Jupiter in Pisces

One of the key moment of May will be transition of Jupiter in the sign of Pisces on May 14.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces. Being in this sign, it brings favorable opportunities on each level, gives expansion and wisdom.

Such a position gives an opportunity to implement the projects and talents in society, to monetize them. There s a possibility of career and spiritual growth.

A necessity to expand one s limits through traveling appears.

An energetic tidal wave comes, giving the necessity for growing up and out. The horizons are broadening, the opportunities are increasing.

In the sign of Pisces, Jupiter increases our mercy, love for our neighbor, understanding and compassion.

During such a period, it s important to not fly too far into one s dreams and fantasies. It s advised not to give in to laziness and not to fall under influence of others.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Another important event of May is the transition of Saturn into retrograde motion in Aquarius on May 23. Saturn will stay in this position until October 11, giving us an opportunity for a deep inner work.

During this period, it s important to ponder the question on where you follow you own desires and ideas and where you follow the others. Where do you make decision yourself and where you follow the will of others? What is freedom and free life for you? How do you understand independence and whether you follow your visions?

This period of time gives a possibility to gain personal and spiritual freedom. It allows to understand the value of the future and learn how to connect it with the past and present.

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