Astrology forecast for April 2021 - monthly Horoscope

Mercury will be in Aries on April 4 - 19

Such a position will boost the sharp wit and give a tendency to eloquent, passionate speech. Sociability will increase.

It will be easier to convince another person. There might be active negotiations. It becomes possible to find convincing arguments. New connections and ideas might appear.

During this period, we tend to make decisions quicker. Entrepreneurial spirit is getting stronger. The ideas of how to solve any question are coming to our minds faster. 

However, it s better to avoid haste and unnecessarily agitated arguments. In some cases, there is no need to hurry with making decisions.

Mercury is entering Taurus on April 19, where it will stay until May 4

During this period, we will start thinking deeper and more profoundly. There might occur a necessity to literally implement our thoughts, turn them into something real, material. Thoughtfulness, which appears during this period, gives an opportunity to learn the matters that we already know deeper and better.

This period is beneficial for expressing business qualities and financial talent.

An opportunity to pursue one specific goal and implement it appears. The mind becomes more constant without a tendency to change the decisions.

Venus is entering Taurus on April 14, where it will stay until May 9

When in Taurus, Venus unfolds its most beautiful sides. The mutual atmosphere becomes filled with softness, kindness, tenderness and care.

Love for art and creativity awakens. This time is beneficial for creating your own style, for renewing wardrobe, for making transformations in the house. All creative process will be successful during this period.

Moreover, this is a good time for entrepreneurial activities and for work with finance. It s time to sharpen your skills, increase level of expertise, do your favorite activities.

Mars is in the sign of Gemini since beginning of April, it enters Pisces on April 23

Mars in Gemini increases criticism, chances for contradictions. A desire to enter into a dispute or prove your position whatever it takes might appear. Aggressive notes in speech, impulsiveness in words and weak concentration might appear as well.

This period is beneficial for learning foreign languages, traveling and doing sport.

Pluto starts its retrograde motion in the sign of Capricorn on April 27 

It will be in this motion until October 6. Such a movement will bring global changes: in the entire world, in the minds of people. Individual changes might not be noticeable. However, we might notice how habitual social paradigm might keep changing.

Pluto s retrograde motion will take away everything that s not necessary anymore, once and forever. It happens annually, as unnecessary things disappear giving room and clearing the space for new things.

On the individual level, some people might notice absence of inspiration during this period. However, this retrograde motion of Pluto might not be noticeable in general, because it falls on summer season.

The Saturn-Uranus square keeps influencing us in April

New and old things are still in contradiction. Nevertheless, the stability of this square gives several important hints: establishment of balance and importance to realize that we need to enter the new phase only when having learned from the past and having taken the wisdom, everlasting and constant values with us.

The harmonious aspect between Sun and Mars will be with us for the entire month

It gives energy for business collaboration and mutual work, increasing the tendency to come to an agreement using diplomacy. It will add bright colors to life and provide festive mood, the feeling of activity.

During the first half of April, we ll be able to feel the inharmonious aspect between Mars and Neptune

Perhaps, it will add to our imagination and laziness from one side, however, it will also increase our sensibility and add to the subtlety of perception.

It will be possible to overcome the excessive flights of fantasy and laziness with the help of sport, psychology, deep self-learning, studying art, traveling (especially to seaside, or any places near water), learning foreign languages.

Mars and Venus are in harmonious aspect on April 1 - 15

This aspect gives a possibility to be liked by other people, it makes romantic communications easier, wakes creative abilities and talents up. This period is good for building business relationships and implementing your desires.

The harmonious aspect between Mars and Jupiter will be influencing us starting April 6

This is your chance to catch a lucky break! Fortunate turns of events are possible. Self-confidence is increasing.

Such a position allows to achieve victory in the desired sphere. There s a possibility to be more decisive. Resources for achieving goals appear.

Sun and Jupiter are in harmonious aspect on April 9 - 23

Such a position gives us optimism, motivation and jovial attitude. This is a good time for achieving the goals and tasks that we have set, and for increasing the level of our expertise, for personal growth and development in multiple aspects.

The harmonious aspect between Pluto and Neptune starts on April 10 and lasts until the end of the month

Such a position gives us an opportunity to look deeper into our inner world, to work with our subconscious and unclog the path that leads to the top of our stage of evolution.

This position will be supported by the inharmonious aspect between Sun and Pluto, which aim is to lead our personality to the transformation by revealing its hidden sides and exposing the mere essence of it.

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