Full Moon on October 31, 2020

On October 31, 2020 at 14:49 P.M. UTC Full Moon occurs.

At this time the Sun will be in Scorpio and the Moon will be in Taurus.

The meaning of this Full Moon

The meaning of this Full Moon is given by two opposite signs - Taurus and Scorpio.

Both Taurus and Scorpio have two sides.

Taurus awakens our desires, which we then strive to realize in the life.

Taurus also gives striving to achieve the Highest, immaterial, Eternal.

Scorpio awakens our feelings and emotions, inducing to seek satisfaction through money, sex and power.

Scorpio is also that cut-off force that helps to conquer your ambition, pride and self.

Sometimes Scorpio ruthlessly destroys what it is time to end or transform. It carries trials that ultimately benefit and bring us to the Higher.

Both Taurus and Scorpio through desires lead us to the Highest meaning and becoming on the path of Truth !

The energy of this Full Moon

The energy of this Full Moon due to the influence of planets is quite intense.

It requires maximum composure and attentiveness to what is happening, both inside and outside.

We may find ourselves in unexpected situations, where it will be necessary to be creative approach in order to understand and cope with them.

The plans we previously made can change dynamically, evoking different feelings, and at such times it is advisable to be flexible and look for the right approach.

The mind and senses during this Full Moon can be restless. They can be balanced by relying on your inner core.

Full Moon period

The Full Moon period lasts from October 29 to November 2, 2020.

During this period, it is good to sum up and analyze what has been done and what has not.

It is favorable to engage in introspection, meditative practices.

During the Full Moon period it is advisable to avoid stubbornness and the desire to do everything in your own way.

Do not neglect the interests and opinions of other people. It is helpful to develop flexibility, acceptance, and patience.

You can reflect on the fact that by changing ourselves, we change the world around us gradually, step by step.