New Moon in Virgo - August 30, 2019

The New Moon occurs on August 30, 2019 at 10:37 UTC.

On this New Moon the Sun and the Moon will conjunct in the sign of Virgo.

The whole lunar month will be under influence of the energy of this sign.

The sign of Virgo gives energy for painstaking and consistent activities.

The patience for deeds that require time and accuracy appears. 

The energy of this sign allows to patiently nurture your idea, project and to implement it. 

Also, this sign gives us efficiency and practicality.

It is advisable to avoid exaggerations regarding yourself, your abilities and capabilities. You need to look at everything objectively and soberly. 

This lunar month gives us energy and time to find our foundation, establish ourselves in it and rely on it in the future. 

Virgo allows us to see the meaning of what we are doing.

It is desirable to planning on this New Moon, in what you would like to achieve better results, what you would like to go deep.

Any new, already mature, idea can receive an additional impulse for realization in life. 

In the period of this New Moon it would be good to meditate and determine for yourself what worldly wisdom is.

On the day of the New Moon try to maintain your emotional calm and peace of mind.

Within the month try to avoid strong emotions, haste, wastefulness and dubious events.

It is undesirable to impose your point of view on others, especially about religiosity and ideologie.

But you should be firmly adhered to your own worldview.

This New Moon sets us up to be patient with ourselves, with others and with our circumstances.

Everything needs to be given time to mature, but this does not mean that we just can sit and wait.

Our task is to patiently do our job in order to  approach the result step by step.