Full Moon on April 27, 2021

Full Moon will occur on April 27, 2021 at 3:31 UTC.

At this time, the Moon will be in Scorpio, and the Sun will be in Taurus.

The main meanings of this Full Moon

We get the power and desire to implement our ideas due to Taurus.

We start expressing our will for implementation of our plans. And put certain efforts in order to achieve them.

We are capable to find out our true desires.

We can distinguish the material desires from spiritual ones. We can define which of them are more important and valuable for us and what we should focus on.

Work with emotions and feelings will be successful during this Full Moon.

It will be possible to realize what we should do next, which path to follow after such a work.

Taurus also helps us to wake up our creative potential, it gives us necessity to create forms and express the meaning in its full beauty.

The energy of this Full Moon

This Full moon is a great time for deep intellectual work and for getting new knowledge.

Its energy boosts our necessity for expressing a creative side of personality, for music and art.

Imagination will be working well during this time, which is important for writers. This period is also beneficial for art critics.

This is a good time for expressing your business qualities and for working with finance.

A necessity to buy beautiful things, create a cozy atmosphere, to reveal your artistic side and to attend cultural events might appear during these dates.

One should avoid acting for satisfying his own needs only.

There s a high chance to overestimate your own possibilities and underestimate other people.

An excessive self-confidence might take away the objectivity and lead to wasting more strength than necessary.

One might show slowness and shallowness. Laziness, moodiness and discontent might awake.

Depressive states are possible.

It s possible to overcome them with the help of deep self-analysis. It will be good to plan physical activity or to perform a certain psychological work with your mind; but never give up your on initial plan.

One should be hard-working and persistent in everything he does. It s better to be more attentive when spending money.

The days of this Full Moon

This Full Moon will last from April 25 to April 29.

It s advised to spend the days of this Full Moon is peace and with a balanced mind.

One should avoid quarreling with people, and, on the contrary, look for peace within yourself and undertanding with the others.

This New Moon is beneficial for meditations and pondering the parables in the Bible, looking for the sense in them and the way to implement their meanings in life.

It s important to pay attention to the health.

Vital power might be lowered during this period. Passive states, slowness and certain mistrust are possible. It might become more complicated to see the positive sides of life. Disagreements with family and friends might appear.

It s advised to follow your sense of duty and to be responsible, try to keep order, be punctual and tactful.

Try to avoid being suspicious and picky.

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