New Moon in Aquarius on January 24, 2020

The New Moon on January 24, 2020 occurs at 9:41 P.M. UTC.

This time the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn Aquarius.

The meanings of this New Moon

The sign of Aquarius activates the independence of thinking, the desire to comprehend new and unknown. It makes it possible to find non-standard solutions. Brings the friendliness and helps the integration of people in groups.

The energy of Aquarius makes it possible to solve issues that previously caused difficulties and could not be solved.

Aquarius expands the space for research, both internal and external.

The energy of this New Moon

At this time a strong imagination is activated, which can be used in two ways. On the one hand, good imagination can be used to create a stronger image of the desired, and on the other hand, you can fall into the illusion of utopian desire that is not destined to come true.

Energy of New Moon increases the sensitivity. And there is a danger of falling under the negative influence of unscrupulous people.

At this time, it is undesirable to sort things out, especially with the opposite sex. Try to be as considerate as possible.

The energy of the New Moon can activate the need to work with the depths of information, with the secrets of the past, and can open the curtains of the future.

In the period of the New Moon it is better to engage in spiritual practices, creativity, start new affairs is not worth it.

During the New Moon and in the coming lunar month it is desirable to filter all incoming information, separating the 'grain from the chaff', since there is a possibility of false information.

New Moon planning

The energy of the New Moon sets us up for the need to think about every word and action, and carefully relate what we want with what is possible.

When planning for the upcoming lunar month rely on the reasonability of the ideas.

It would be good to plan for innovations in different areas of your life.

Favorable aspects for planning in the new lunar month:

- Buying new devices or updating it;

- Search and implementation of original solutions;

- Decision of organizational and document issues;

- Negotiating and signing contracts;

- Studying of psychology, religion, spiritual literature and immersion in yourself;

It is also desirable to include a creative activity in your plan, leaving them a time in everyday life.

It is advisable to plan important sales and relocations before February 17, 2020.