Full Moon on November 19, 2021

The Full Moon will occur on November 19, at 8:57 A.M UTC.

At this moment, the Moon will be in the sign of Taurus, and the Sun will be in the sign of Scorpio.

A partial lunar eclipse will occur at the same time between 9:02 and 9:16 A.M. UTC.

The main meanings of this Full Moon

The Full Moon in Taurus, enhanced by the energy of Scorpio, brings changes, both external and internal.

Everything that has not been revised and done until this moment will be taken away by the energy of Scorpio.

Scorpio brings cleansing power. It's like a cleansing stream washes away everything we don t need.

Those parts where the cleansing was made may not be affected. And the parts you need to pay attention will become noticeable. And the parts that are already covered with dust and cobwebs can be destroyed without hesitation.

To some extent, it may seem ruthless. But if you are attentive, you can notice that life has many times given you a chance to correct undesired situations, relationships, behavior, character.

In Scorpio, many things are being tested:

If a person is ambitious, focused on his self-importance, then the environment and situations will somehow highlight this, preventing him from taking a stable position under the sun.

If you are obsessed with money, then your well-being will be going through a crisis, forcing you to constantly struggle.

If a person has a lot of complaints about people, then he will have to face crises in the relationship with his partner.

Using the energy of the Full Moon correctly, you can perform a huge work on yourself, significantly changing your external circumstances.

The energy of this Full Moon and Eclipse

During this Full Moon, it is especially important to think before signing contracts, making promises or speeches.

Transactions, trading, and communications are in the risk zone.

Small short-term projects, sales, and agreements that do not require further cooperation, expansion and development can go easily. And all long-term agreements and partnerships may get harder in the future.

At this time, it is better to live an ordinary life, do a simple daily routine, without loading your psyche with worries about others and too much fuss.

It is recommended to be attentive to your family and friends during this period, especially to your mother. If possible, pay closer attention and take care of them; and if the relationship with family is tense, it is better to refrain from any phone calls or meetings.

This is a very favorable period for creative people. It is good for creators and artists. There may be difficulties in activities related to writing and literature.

The energy of this Full Moon will arouse interest in the development of relationships. A need for beauty, sophistication and culture may appear.

This time is good because it will strengthen willpower and help to overcome difficult and seemingly insurmountable situations. You can rely on the advice of a friend, like-minded person, colleague.

If you correctly combine the creative and volitional aspects, then you can draw an image of your ideal Self and your future.

The representatives of the signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Gemini will be the most perceptive to this Full Moon.

The Full Moon dates

This Full Moon will last from November 17 to November 21, 2021.

During this period, it is worth devoting time to meditation, cleansing processes, analyzing the past, getting rid of the old.

It is recommended to get enough sleep. Pay attention to your rest and do it in time. Do not stay up late, ruining your sleep cycle. Increase the frequency of your shower/bath routine.

When it comes to conflicts, try to glide around them and avoid immersing yourself deeply in them. If the tension begins to rise, it is worth working it out through the most acceptable practices for you.

Since this Full Moon coincides with the beginning of the Eclipse Season (Corridor), do not forget to carefully observe what is happening.

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