New Moon on September 17, 2020

On September 17, 2020 at 11:00 A.M. UTC the New Moon will occur.

This New Moon the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Virgo.

The energy of the upcoming lunar month will be set by the sign of Virgo.

Energy of this New Moon

On this New Moon we can lay down new cycles, start our new projects and create conditions for the maturation of our ideas.

You can try to determine what is behind one or another of your desires, what motives move us in the implementation of this or that goal.

In our life some temptations may arise, but we should direct the gaze to strengthening inner core, will and responsibility.

On this New Moon the cleansing at all levels will be very important, both internally and externally.

During the New Moon period it is advisable to take care of your family and friends, try not to enter into conflicts with them.

Since the planetary situation can also awaken our dark side, it is advisable to subject it to a thorough analysis.

On this New Moon it is worth thinking about morality, spiritual purity and how to manifest in life the spiritual principle hidden within.

New Moon Planning

Virgo gives us enough energy, both for more long-term and careful planning, and for determining the very meaning of our activities, our projects and our life in general.

However, before making important decisions and starting new projects, everything must be carefully thought out.

The energy of Virgo contributes to analytical activity and it becomes easier for the mind to draw right conclusions.

When planning and making decisions, one should proceed from the inner meaning of any activity for oneself, or rather for one's Higher part.

The location of planets on the New Moon can bring some indecision and uncertainty, you should keep this in mind and look for support in your inner center.

Also, this New Moon creates conditions for revising your past experience and learning from it, both positive and negative.

During the New Moon period and in the coming lunar month it is advisable to pay attention to your health.

It is good to cleanse the body, follow a diet, spend more time in nature. Also, physical activity, yoga and meditation are favourable. Perhaps some individual wellness cycle should be started.