Full Moon on September 10, 2022

The Full Moon on September 10, 2022, will occur at 9:57 A.M. UTC.

During this Full Moon, the Moon will be in Pisces, and the Sun in Virgo.

The main meanings of this Full Moon

When the Sun is in Virgo during a Full Moon, it s time to prioritise our activities and plans.

On this Full Moon, you need to try to separate secondary activities from the important ones.

Here we learn to consistently approach our life and what we do. We learn to deal with things patiently, see all their nuances and details, and act in a smoothly and a consistent manner.

We learn to see the meaningful part of our deeds, actions, and situations.

The sign of Virgo symbolises a mother holding her child in her arms and filling it with love. We should treat our business the same way like a child that needs to be properly raised if we want to see a good result.

The energy of this Full Moon

On this Full Moon, there may be problems in the sphere of communication. It may be difficult to negotiate.

Unnecessary haste, fussiness, confrontation, impulsiveness, and sharpness may appear in the spheres of communication, commerce, training, negotiations, and in questions related to documentation. Plans and arrangements may be cancelled.

Therefore, it will be more difficult to listen to your intuition. Too much haste can knock you down and prevent you from feeling what the best thing to do here is and what to choose.

At the same time, a person may fall under the influence of false information, think about it way too much, and get away from certain actions.

The habitual circle of authorities may downgrade. It becomes difficult to rely on someone s credible opinion, listen to mentors, or accept someone s opinion.

Words coming from the mouth of other people may be met with distrust. It s also a difficult time for learning.

The familiar and well-established aspects keep clashing with novelties, sometimes causing internal and external discomfort.

At this time, it s important to seek a compromise, learn to negotiate, and show diplomacy. Words need to be proven by actions.

When dealing with the issues of beauty and art, you need to look for unusual approaches by using your intuition.

During this period, it s important to be in an inspiring and motivating environment of talented and intelligent people. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will fall into dismay.

The Full Moon dates

This Full Moon will last from September 8 to 12, 2022.

During the Full Moon dates, all activities related to negotiations, communication, commerce, and finance begin to slow down. However, slowing down this kind of activity doesn t fully cancel it. We just have to be more attentive when dealing with these spheres during this period.

The beginning of this period gives you the opportunity to work on your status, authority, and philosophy. However, too much originality may significantly ruin the overall picture. Therefore, it s better to direct this impulse to solve issues related to training, organise your notes, documents, and work papers.

As the Full Moon date approaches, you should devote more time to rest, meditation, and practices. You need to sum up and pay attention to your health.

One way or another, the entire period of this Full Moon will be marked by a changeable emotional nature, ranging from excessive sensitivity to short temper and impulsiveness. It may be quite difficult for some people to find the balance. Learning something new, drawing, going to the theatre, or finally reading books can help.

The representatives of the signs of Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces will be the most sensitive to this Full Moon.

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