New Moon April 5, 2019

At the time of this new moon the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon occurs in the sign of Aries and accentuated by its energies.

The sign of Aries gives a creative impulse and helps to make the foundation of ideas and plans for the entire zodiac year.

In this sign we create new ideas and plans, leaving the old in the past. You can set ambitious goals and plans. Capture your wildest desires and plan their implementation.

Square of the Sun with Saturn tunes us to coherence our inner desires with the order accepted in society.

The question of our role in society and our duty is raised.

Sextile Uranus with Lilith gives the opportunity to perceive unexpected ideas. On this new moon you should not reject something unusual, it is better to record everything, because at this time you can perceive higher ideas and meanings.

Sextile Mercury with Saturn provides energy for realizing intellectual and organizational potentials. It is possible to more easily and deeply process information and solve the tasks with it.

Square Mercury with Jupiter gives a lot of high thoughts that are difficult to implement, since there not be enough details, also laziness can appear, but strong Saturn does not let you fly away.

Sextile Jupiter with Lilith provides new ideas in the education, law, religion and esotericism.

Sextile Saturn with Neptune gives the opportunity to control your imagination and direct it to more practical things.

Trin Mercury with the Ascending lunar node provides an opportunity not to succumb to public fallacies and to remain with your own opinion.

From April 10 to August 11 Jupiter becomes retrograde. Retrograde Jupiter tunes us to search for the meaning of life. Through lived experience and its awareness we can come to inner maturation.

From April 24 to October 3 Pluto becomes retrograde. During this period, more than ever, we become interested in deep changes. There is a good opportunity to get rid of the debts of both material and karmic.

From April 30 to September 18 Saturn becomes retrograde. Retrograde Saturn tunes us to take stock, complete old cases, revise and make changes to plans. During this period it is not advisable to sign long-term contracts, marriage, register a company, buy real estate and move to a new place of residence.