New Moon on December 4, 2021

The New Moon on December 4 will occur at 7:42 A.M. UTC.

During this New Moon, the total solar eclipse will occur at 7:33 A.M. UTC.

The new lunar month will last until January 2, 2022.

Both the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Sagittarius at this time.

The main meanings of this New Moon

Sagittarius sets us the task of gaining the ability to achieve goals, from small to large.

But before we reach our goal, it is important to be able to correctly identify it. To compare its size with your capabilities. To feel if this is the right goal. To understand whether it is your task to embody this or that idea. Perhaps you do not live your own ideas and tasks but take them from the outside.

Sagittarius gives us wisdom, intuition, and understanding of where to go and why. It helps to determine the direction. It indicates the beginning and the end.

Here we can understand where we need to start in order to achieve a result. We can see and identify intermediate achievements on the way to a big goal.

Sagittarius helps to realize that the big things are achieved by small, consecutive steps in one direction.

The energy of this New Moon and Eclipse

The New Moon warmed up by a total solar eclipse makes it possible to build an image of the future for the next six months.

During this New Moon, the Sun, Moon and Mercury will be in opposition to Lilith. This complex aspect will create many contradictions. The evil will test our goals and desires for sincerity and truth.

One should be attentive to fraud, fakes, negotiations and the financial sphere. Fraudulent schemes can be skillful and thoughtful.

A tendency to be immersed in fantasies, illusions, and escape from reality is likely to happen. It is important to stick to your common sense during this New Moon.

External circumstances, like litmus paper, will highlight our inner sides that are not complete and what is worth paying attention to.

The old will depreciate, and the new must be admitted but only after thinking whether it corresponds to our ideology multiple times.

This New Moon puts us in front of a choice, whether we want the bright star of dawn to shine for us or to remain in the captivity of the dark kingdom. At the same time, it is necessary to perform a feat to slay the dragon inside yourself.

An important topic is an education in all its aspects. Our task will be to increase our level of understanding, to understand the details, to expand consciousness.

Also, the issues of understanding our purpose, the level of maturity, what we prefer, what value system we stick to will be brought to light.

The representatives of the signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo will be the most perceptive to this New Moon.

Planning during this New Moon

During the solar eclipse, it is good to plan those external affairs that you want to finally complete.

At this time, you can set the tasks of transformation, transition to a new level.

It is useful to identify your goals of self-improvement and professional development.

Also, you can train your willpower, persistence, confidence.

When setting goals and objectives, you should understand that you are the creator of your own reality.

It is important to make the list of main purchases for the New Year by setting the budget and distributing your finances. The New Moon is a good time to buy fashionable and beautiful clothes.

It is advisable to devote time and energy to communicating with children. Especially if the relationship with them is difficult, you can try to restore them during this period.

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