Full Moon on September 2, 2020

On September 2, 2020 at 5:21 A.M. UTC the Full Moon will occurs.

At this time the Sun will be in Virgo and the Moon will be in Pisces.

The energy of this Full Moon

The sign of Virgo gives energy so that we can find meanings in those life events in which we have not been able to do this before.

Therefore, considering different events of our life on this Full Moon, we can either see the meaning behind them or add the meaning there ourselves.

On this Full Moon the energy of stars helps to add meaning to all our deeds and plans, in other words, to put the Soul into them.

Virgo energy supports to the development of perseverance, endurance and continuity of their efforts, building long-term plans and their careful implementation.

It also helps us to correctly redistribute the energy hidden inside and harmoniously direct it out.

On this Full Moon the position of the planets in the sky sets a person the task of making the right choice:

On the one hand, there is a temptation to resolve issues by force, bypassing laws and established agreements, backtracking on promises and failing to keep commitments.

On the other hand, it is worth following the rules, obeying the law, fulfillment of duties, be responsibility and fulfilling contracts.

We are faced with the task of learning how to properly distribute your resources and properly interact with others.

It is important to learn how to properly distribute energy between the horizontal and vertical components of our life.

How to harmonize the cooperation of female and male principles that reflect the horizontal and vertical component of our life, Matter and Spirit.

Full Moon period

The Full Moon period lasts from August 31 to September 4, 2020.

During this period it is important to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the home and family.

It is advisable to tune in to positive and not raise painful energies in others, try to comply with agreements and tact.

It would be good to reflect on the following topics:

1) What is harmony for you inside, in the family, in your environment;

2) How do you understand the integrity of yourself and the integrity of space around you;

3) Where  in your life does the vertical component appear, and where is the horizontal one;

It can be a good practice to saturate your projects and plans with Soul energy.