Morpheus: mobile application for Lucid Dream training

«Morpheus» application is developed for Android OS to train your Lucid Dreaming abilities basing on modern neurotechnology research.

Since ancient times up to nowadays lucid dreams attract attention of mystics, scientists, psychologists and individuals.
There are many ways to explore the dreams. You can start from simple dream recall practice and after and then try to concentrate on your dream and achieve lucidity while dreaming
As a result of scientific research it was found how to control the dreams and special methods how to train your lucid dreaming abilities were developed.
«Morpheus» is a good helper in this process.

The «Morpheus» training course is based on modern neurotechnology knowledge and adaptive algorithms which use your personal rhythmological parameters and make you lucid dreaming training more efficient.

The training technique is based on special hints generation during the 24 hours a day. It can be sounds, visual forms on the screen or vibrations.
You have to respond to each of such hints with maximum awareness i.e. to answer the question and every time do the “reality check” using one of the certain way.
At daytime «Morpheus» acts as a reminder which helps you to concentrate on training and makes critically reflective set-up of your state.
At nighttime an application helps you to activate your consciousness while dreaming. You can set up the level and choose one of specified training modes.
Application supports 4 training modes which you can choose depending on your level of training.
The training course contains 7-days training cycles. Each day of 7-days training cycle has its specific rhythmological parameters.
After 7 days of training an application will stop and it is recommended to have a brake (about 3-7 days) and then you can start a new 7-days cycle again, probably, using new parameters.

The «Morpheus» application can be used as a single or within a complex of other lucid dreaming training tools and techniques.

Being experienced in lucid dreaming you can easily use it for your personal entertainment, training, research and relaxation, improve your creative and learning skills, making decisions and event simulation.

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