Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries

Now a period continues when Mercury and Uranus are in a harmonious aspect (conjunct) in the sign of Aries, and this aspect will last until May 15.

Mercury symbolizes the Mind, and between Mercury and Uranus there is a special relation. May say that Uranus represents the Mind of a higher order.

This position of the planets gives our Mind a special insight and sensitivity to ideas, including the higher and the abstract.

Now is a very favorable time for the concrete formulation and detailed elaboration of any innovative projects that were previously only vaguely felt, like a shapeless cloud in the area of ideas.

Also, the Mind is now particularly capable of rapid analysis, of adopting original solutions, it can easily respond to intuitive flows.

The Mind becomes at this time fiery and incendiary (Aries energy), and ideas are intensive emanated out of it, at that of a higher order than usual (the union with Uranus).

In addition, Mercury and Uranus also are in a harmonious aspect (trine) with Saturn, which is in Sagittarius.

This additional aspect gives the above qualities of Mind a special depth and fundamental.

It is recommended during this period to concentrate your Mind on highest aims and try to regularize your picture of the world, to reflect on your destiny, to re-understand your goals in life.

Also, this favorable period can be used to foundate long-term and strategic projects of great importance in the future.

The energy of Uranus can help you look at your problems from a new angle, so that a new understanding can come.

It becomes possible to more clearly think over your life strategy, and for many years to come.